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Important things I need to know, before buying a dehumidifier

Important things I need to know, before buying a dehumidifier

Which is the ideal dehumidifier for me?

In order to choose the right dehumidifier, the following parameters should be taken under consideration:

  • The square meters of the area we want the dehumidifier to operate
  • Whether there are humidity issues on the walls (mold, yellowing, etc.) and the type of insulation we have in our place
  • The humidity level inside the room
  • Whether or not do the rooms communicate with each other, so as to decide if we need more than one dehumidifier

A general rule we should always have in mind, is related with the fan of the dehumidifier, which can cover at least 4-5 times the air of the specific space within 8-10 hours. This is a general rule though, which means that the right choice of a dehumidifier, depends on several other parameters of the room we want to dehumidify.

How does a dehumidifier with Compressor operates?

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Dehumidifiers' operation with a compressor, is more or less the same with the operation of the air conditioning systems. The moist air of the room passes through the cooling coils of the dehumidifier. There, the moist air is liquefied and then is dripped down into the water tank. Thereafter, since the moisture free air is cold, it follows a re-heating process so that to finally being released inside the room. Dehumidifiers with compressor are the absolute solution to banish humidity effectively and efficiently, ensuring maximum energy and money savings. Due to their wide range of dehumidifying capacity that they offer, up to 50l/h, they contribute to manage significantly lower heating costs, providing ideal conditions in your place.

How a Desiccant dehumidifier with Zeolite - without Compressor, operates?

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The main component of the dehumidifier without compressor (desiccant) is the zeolite disc which rotates at a low speed. The moist air of the room passes through this particular disc, where the desiccant component absorbs the moisture. The dehumidifier passes the air through a heated air stream and vents the captured moisture away from the zeolite, leading the remaining water to the water tank. Along with the dehumidification, Desiccant dehumidifiers enhance also the heating of your place, thanks to the hot air output (10°C to 12°C warmer than the room temperature). Benefit from the Desiccant technology – without compressor and enjoy silent operation of your dehumidifier and effective dehumidification in places that are heated only for a few hours per day or with an ambient temperature below 15°C.

What is the “Smart Dehumidification” (SMD) and which is the benefit of this mode?

Under SMD, the dehumidifier automatically selects the ideal moisture level based on the ideal room temperature and humidity of your place. With the SMD operation, we are able to manage the best conditions of comfort with excellent energy and money savings.

Why do I need a dehumidifier with a "Dry Clothes" feature?

Drying your laundry during winter, is a difficult situation. A dehumidifier, without clothes drying operation, could dry your clothes, however the fact that it may operate for a longer period, may cause ironing difficulties as the clothes will be dried more than necessary. The problem can be easily solved with Inventor dehumidifiers, that provide a special clothes drying program, which ensures their perfect and normal drying. Benefit from the "Dry Clothes" feature and enjoy fragrant and clean clothes.

Can I achieve money savings with the "Dry Clothes" feature of a dehumidifier?

During winter, due to the outdoor high levels of humidity and the absence of sunshine, clothes drying is getting more difficult. Using alternative ways to dry your clothes is essential. One solution could be the clothes’ dryers, but the high-energy consumption and the fact that they usually damage our clothes due to the high temperatures, make them an expensive solution. On the other hand, Inventor dehumidifiers ensure for their low power consumption and their advanced programs, offering greater results with the greatest energy and money savings.

Can I achieve a high-quality atmosphere inside the room?

High humidity levels in a room, are totally unpleasant and may also could cause allergies and viral diseases. In order to banish humidity for good, it is recommended to place a dehumidifier so that to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere for you and your beloved.

Why should I choose a dehumidifier with ionizer?

The ionizer in a dehumidifier offers, ensures along with a dry air, a healthy free of dust, bacteria and odors environment. Inventor dehumidifiers with an integrated Ionizer, banish humidity and due to the special filters, they offer a clean and healthy atmosphere in the room.

Does the dehumidifier increase the room temperature?

A dehumidifier, can improve the room temperature. The humidity is closely related with the apparent temperature in a place. For instance, in a room with 20°C temperature and 70% humidity, the human body may feel cold, while in the same room with 20°C temperature and 45% humidity the feeling is totally different and hot. This means that the dehumidifier may not heat the place, but can offer a better perceive of temperature due to the absence of humidity.

What is the continuous drainage?

Inventor dehumidifiers offer the capability of continuous drainage. Since we are not always able to be at the point we have placed the dehumidifier to empty the water tank (working hours, holiday homes, etc.) Benefit from the the dehumidifier’s plastic hose through which you cab lead the water from your appliance to the nearest sewerage in order to ensure the constant operation when it is necessary.

What is the continuous dehumidification?

In many cases the direct and fast banishment of humidity is a must. Under continuous dehumidification mode, the appliance operates constantly, disregarding the humidity level that we have defined previously. The continuous dehumidification applies to several conditions, such as clothes drying or in places that have been closed for a long period of time. Take advantage of the continuous dehumidification and enjoy the ideal conditions in your place.

What does a water pump serve in a dehumidifier?

The humidity mostly appears in places with bad insulation and ventilation. In such cases, we can improve the air quality by using a dehumidifier. The necessity of a water pump appears when we it is not convenient for us to drain the water nearby or at a lower level of the dehumidifier. So, here it comes the need of a dehumidifier with an integrated water pump. With the water pump we can lead the water even to a higher level and greater distance, ensuring the continuous operation of the dehumidifier with no need of constant emptying of the tank.

Where should I place the dehumidifier inside my home?

The dehumidifier should be placed in rooms with the highest levels of humidity and moreover in places that are mostly used (e.g living room). Place the dehumidifier so that to ensure the best air circulation around the unit, avoiding any obstacle that may hamper dehumidifier's operation.

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