02 / 02 / 2018

Smart Controller

Smart Controller

The new Inventor air-conditioner controller is bound to become your most reliable partner! Even though a remote controller is only considered as a mean to modify the air-conditioner’s operation, this new controller can be used both to adjust and diagnose its operational condition.

Set the air-conditioner

Depending on the air-condition model you have purchased, you are able to control the fan speed, lock the position of the louver so that the air is channeled to a certain desired point and to schedule the filter cleaning notifications, simply by pressing a button. More specifically you can:

  • Save Energy

Ensuring maximum energy savings and minimum functional costs as well as enjoying the benefits of excellent performance can be easily achieved through 4 distinct options which allow you to adjust the fan speed of the internal unit and obtain perfect temperature levels.

  • Extend your air-conditioner Lifeline

Filter cleaning will no longer be an issue since you are now able to schedule the filter cleaning reminders. Having applied the automatic filter cleaning reminder, you can obtain perfect air quality and cost-effective operation of the air-condition units, given that a clean and well maintained air-condition consumes significantly less energy.

  • Enjoy ultimate Comfort Levels

Have you found the perfect position of the air-conditioner louver and enjoy perfect conditions in every part of the room? If that is the case, simply lock that position through the smart controller and the air-conditioner will store the chosen position in the memory. Thanks to the louver position memory function, every time you power the air-conditioner, the louver position will be automatically set, offering the most suitable heating/ cooling conditions.

  • Hotel Menu

The HOTEL MENU service, constitutes of several functions specially designed to contribute to the most efficient and effective operation of every air-conditioner in hotels. You can easily lock the desired temperature range within which you want your air-conditioner to operate. That way, the final user is prevented from choosing extreme higher or lower temperatures other than the ones you have already set, ensuring up to 70% energy saving and the extension of the air-conditioners lifeline.

Obtain full control of the air-conditioner

The smart controller can provide a detailed diagnosis of measurements and errors and fill you in with all the information required, saving time and ensuring the quality of the outcome.

  • Result Quality

Take advantage of the smart controller functions and check all the necessary measurement points: area temperature point, indoor & outdoor temperature point, external environment temperature point and compressor outlet temperature point.

  • Compressor Protection

Sensor measurement sign, AMPER measurement sign, compressor frequency sign and inlet voltage sign are only some of the reasons, this controller can become your most faithful partner.

  • Instant Error Update

You can now have a holistic view of the indoor and outdoor units’ condition, through the upgraded menu of the controller. The last noted error as well as the position of the electronic expansion valve is at your disposal. Obtain full control and the ultimate performance of the air-conditioner.

Benefit from Inventor smart controller which is available with the Inventor Wall Mounted, Multi Split and Light Commercial air-conditioning units.