23 / 06 / 2016

What should I be ware of during the installation of an air conditioning unit?

What should I be ware of during the installation of an air conditioning unit?

During the installation of a split-type unit the installer should beware of the below:

  • Indoor unit: Choose the most suitable location to install the indoor unit, so as to be enough space around it (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) and make sure that the condensation drainage can routed away (better on external wall and looking to the balcony). Before installing the wall mounting plate of the indoor unit, make certain that there are no cables or piping running at the place that the wall mounting plate will be screwed or at the place that will be drilled for the passage of the connecting cabling and piping of the indoor and outdoor units. The wall mounting plate should be properly mounted and leveled. The connecting pipes of the indoor with the outdoor unit, should be insulated with special insulation tubes (not tape) and all the piping (refrigerant pipes, drain hose pipes) and cabling with vinyl tape.

  • Outdoor unit: The position that will be chosen for the placement of the outdoor unit (on the ground or on the wall), should ensure the free ventilation (in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions). To be ensured that there will be easily accessed for the service. The total length to be in the permissible limits of the manufacturer. Before starting up the unit check carefully the electric connections and mostly that the ground wire is fixed properly.

  • Generally: When the installation is completed, the drainage of the indoor unit should be checked. Indispensably should also be done a leakage check using Nitrogen (up to 10bar) and at last an evacuation in the piping with vacuum pump. Proceed to a test operation and check the suction pressure (4, 5-5bar) and the temperature difference between the incoming and the out coming air (over 8°C). Never forget to inform the owner for the proper operating of the unit and the services.