13 / 06 / 2017

Super quite air conditioner Passion Pro II, with smart Wi-Fi and triple action filter!

Super quite air conditioner Passion Pro II, with smart Wi-Fi and triple action filter!

Enjoy ultimate comfort and clean atmosphere, while saving energy with the new Passion Pro II air conditioners.

The Passion Pro II air conditioner series 9.000/12.000/18.000/24.000 btu/h are here to impress with their excellent performance and the highest energy class A+++.


  • Wi-Fi Standard:
    Achieve ideal conditions and great energy savings thanks to the smart Wi-Fi operation.
    Download for free the Invmate II application from Google Play & App Store and control your climate in your area, easily from wherever you are, with just a touch of your Smartphone or Tablet.
    The remote management of your air conditioner provides:

    1. Easy handling
    2. Multiple choices
    3. Ideal sleep conditions
    4. Check Diagnosis
    5. Energy saving
  • Central Control:
    Set up to 64 air conditioners from one and only controller and adjust any setting and operation of the air conditioner.

  • Hotel Menu:
    Set the maximum and minimum temperature of your air conditioners thanks to the Hotel Menu which is a comprehensive air conditioners’ solution for every hotel.


The Passion Pro II series offers excellent cooling and heating conditions, thanks to its innovative design and advanced features, such as:

  • Follow Me:
    Achieve extra comfort wherever you want to, thanks to the smart sensor which is located on the remote control.

  • Easy Clean:
    Save 50% on cleaning time of the indoor unit with the easy removable filters, that can be pulled out without opening the air conditioner’s panel.

  • Easy Installation:
    Save 20% time on installation, due to strong installation plate and cupboard of the Passion Pro II.

  • 4 Way Air-Flow:
    Enjoy ideal conditions even to the most difficult spots of the room, thanks to the even distribution of air in all directions.

  • Powerful Self-Cleaning:
    With a touch of a button, maintain your air conditioner clean, free of bacteria and fungi.

The Passion Pro II meets even the most demanding needs. For all of you who have passion for perfection!