14 / 04 / 2015

Spring your Home with the new Smart Ionizer/Air Purifier

Breathing fresh air where you work and live is vital. Let Inventor bring Spring indoors and let its pioneering technology work for you. The revolutionary Spring air purifier not only features an ionizer but also a set of powerful filters that remove dust, odors and harmful gases from the air, sterilizing the environment (HEPA).

Spring not only improves your environment but also acts as a powerful tool for relieving allergies. Spring features an Air Quality display so you can check the air quality of the room with a quick glance. Also it is equipped with an Odor Sensitivity Sensor and an Indoor Temperature Indicator, so that you have complete control over your environment. Additionally, Spring has a built in Filter Cleaning Indicator which informs you when it is time to change the air filter, making it super easy to maintain!

The Spring Smart Ionizer / Air Purifier is the ideal choice for children’s rooms and the elderly.

Spring guarantees the quality of the air that you breathe!