Refrigerator bottom freezer with Total No Frost technology & smart features for even greater comfort in use & impeccable maintenance of your food!

  • Electric power and functional cost savings
  • Frost accumulation prevention and stable temperature of the interior
  • Uniform air distribution throughout the refrigerator
  • Fresh Cooling System that ensures the optimal temperature inside your refrigerator
  • Vegetables and Fruit Humidity Control for perfect maintenance of your fruits and vegetables

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  • PS18870LIN
  • Energy Class A+
  • Fridge Compartment Net Capacity 316 L
  • Freezer Compartment Net Capacity 119 L
  • Annual Energy Consumption 336 kWh / year
  • Temperature Control Electronic
  • Cooling Type Total No Frost
  • Climate Class N/ST
  • Noise Level 41 db(A)
  • Max. Storage Time After Power Failure 720 minutes
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 188.0 × 70.0 × 66.6 cm
  • Color Inox
  • Touch Display Yes
  • Lighting Yes
  • Adjustable Feet Yes
  • Easily Reversed Door Yes

Especially designed the ZeroZone drawer with temperature at 0°C provides perfect conditions for the long-term maintenance of fresh products, such as fish and meat due to its enhanced cooling. The food retains its nutrients and aroma and remain fresh for much longer.

Integrated with a Touch Display Digital Control, adjust the temperature of the device and select between the most suitable modes such as Power Cool, Power Freeze and Vacation without opening the refrigerator!

Adjust the function of your appliance according to your food needs and keep them fresh for a longer period of time. Adjust preservation and cooling operation separately and ensure the best possible result.

Keep the food in your freezer in excellent condition thanks to the Holiday Function during which the freezer section operates normally and steadily at -18°C, while the refrigerator compartment does not work, offering energy and money savings. Now you can go on vacation without worrying about the quality of your products in the freezer and without being charged for unnecessary operation of the appliance.

Get informed immediately and ensure the correct operation of the appliance and consequently the proper preservation and cooling of your food with the audible alarm when the door is not closed properly.

Preserve your food quickly with the Fast Cool Mode of the appliance. Refresh the content of your refrigerator with new food without affecting existing products, as the temperature drops quickly, and the cooling process is not interrupted.

Freeze your food supplies in a quick and easy way, thanks to the Fast Freeze Mode of the appliance. Effective even when the freezer is being filled with new items allowing the freezing process to continue.

For excellent and highly efficient lighting, with a lifespan of 30 times longer than conventional light bulbs and 10 times more energy savings.

Reversible doors give the option of opening to the right or left, the refrigerator can fit everywhere.

In order for the refrigerator to work effectively it must be properly positioned and aligned. Thanks to the adjustable legs with which it is equipped, it can be placed on any surface you wish, even if it is somewhat imbalanced.

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